We install both aluminum or stainless steel chimney lining systems. We do recommend stainless steel products for quality.

It is recommended that you install a new chimney liner in your chimney for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your appliance(s) are currently exhausting through a clay flue (pipe) system. These masonry flues develop cracks and holes over time. Excessive moisture from high efficiency appliance exhaust drastically accelerates masonry degradation which may lead to holes, blockages, and structural damage.
  • Heater flue is lined with old aluminum or other metal pipe that is showing signs of degradation.
  • No clay flue pipe exists in your chimney and so your appliances are venting through an open brick cavity. This is called “open chase” and is common in pre 1920’s construction.

Price is set by the diameter of pipe needed to vent the total combined BTU input of appliances being vented as well as height/length of the liner. Additional cost may be included with the installations requiring extensive staging for chimney access as well as for chimney liners larger than 5.5″ in diameter.

* All 316Ti stainless steel chimney liners include a lifetime guarantee.

Prices include replacement of damaged/corroded galvanized connector piping for appliances. More material costs may be applied if excessive connector piping needs replacement.